Xane Nûçe Entertainment Tirs ‘Orphan: First Kill’ Prequel Has Found a New Studio as Its Home

‘Orphan: First Kill’ Prequel Has Found a New Studio as Its Home

A Slight Change

by Trey Hilburn III
Yetîm: Yekem Kuştin

Esther is back again to creep everyone the hell out. This time around Sêwî is receiving the prequel treatment with Yetîm: Yekem Kuştin. With the new film comes a new home for distribution as well. This time around instead of being released at Warner Bros. like the first film, this film will be released at Paramount. The change, may reflect a new way of the films release. We have seen a ton of films going from theatrical to at home releases. So, it wouldn’t surprise us if the film ends up releasing via Paramount’s streaming service.

Once again Isabelle Fuhrman will pull off the look of being the insane little maniac by use of all sorts of on screen magic. Forced perspective, make-up and prosthetics and of course just good old acting. A lot of the look and feel of Esther comes from Fuhrman’s ability to channel a child’s demeanor. After all, she is playing a older woman pretending to be a child.

Yetîm: Yekem Kuştin Sînopsîs wiha diçe:

Leena Klammer ji saziyek psîkiyatrîkî ya Estonî revêk birûsk birêve dibe û bi şexsiyeta keça winda ya malbatek dewlemend diçe Amerîkayê. Lê jiyana nû ya Leena wekî "Esther" bi rûkeniyek çaverêkirî tê û wê li hember dayikek ku dê malbata wê bi her bihayî biparêze radigire.

Orphan: The First Kill stars Isabelle Fuhrman and Stiles are joined in the cast by Rossif Sutherland, Matthew Finlan and Hiro Kanagawa.